Sunday, 5 April 2015

NHS Tenders in 2015

It's a beautiful Easter Sunday Afternoon, so what have I been doing? Working up a Tableau storm in my sun-drenched back garden, of course!

 I pulled some data from looking in particular at any contracts put out for NHS related services. It turns out there are quite a lot, so handily enough the site allows you to download into CSV or XML format.

Once downloaded I had a root through each contract description to understand whether this is directly affecting Frontline services or whether it's something else (such as supplies, premises, management etc.)

 I encourage you to play around with this interactive storyboard viz, as there's all sorts of interesting things happening.

Underneath this one is the original version I created in June 2014, but it seems the old evidence links have failed with the Government's change of website. From June 2014 to December 2014, I found it difficult to get hold of anything usable to cover the gap. If anyone is able to help on that, give me a shout!

As Promised, 2014's version (only contains Frontline services)

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